Brighten two hearts with one gesture.

How good would it be if we get to take care of our family all the while helping thousands of Filipino children in dire need?

In this special effort aiding children throughout the country, Lifestrong Marketing Inc. through their brand DermAid and Save The Children Philippines have teamed up in a collaborative effort to provide quick emergency response in reaching out to give emergency relief kits when calamities occur. The collective effort of passionate people uniting as one is key to helping children especially in hard times where the children as well as their families are struggling to hold their head above water.

With the continuous objecting of being Stronger Together for Children, the emergency relief kits will serve as the first aid response containing hygiene essentials for Filipino children and their families amidst calamities. This is to establish a sustainable and mutually-beneficial partnership that will improve the lives of children and families who are most impacted by inequality and inaccessible areas to be reached by immediate emergency assistance. The project is called Fund to SAVE, pertaining to a Secure Access to Vital Emergency resources.

Save The Children Philippines, the country’s leg of the international network, is a humanitarian non-profit organization which aims to provide Filipino children and their families a safer environment, healthier bodies and a brighter future. They also save lives and speak up for children’s rights. One of their core integrities is humanitarian resources, in which they are in the forefront of aiding children’s lives when disasters strike because in any crisis, children suffer the most. The last 40 years have been an attestation how Save The Children swiftly responds to aid children that have been victims of disasters and armed conflicts in the country.

When it comes to wellness and health, Lifestrong through Dermaid is the brand that also reaches out and lends a helping hand. This joint effort is not the first of Dermaid– throughout the years, the brand has been unceasingly donating wellness and hygiene products and conducting feeding programs for the Filipino children. Dermaid as a first aid brand is exclusively available at Watsons and SM Beauty Stores.

Not only does Dermaid offer timely and urgent emergency kits for the children but also provides a spacious storage for Save The Children Philippines’ additional first-aid kits that also cater other brands. Moreover, Lifestrong through Dermaid also provided pecuniary benefits and services that will further improve and materialize the help for these children.

Together, Lifestrong and Save The Children have one common purpose— to help the children who need it the most. This one goal is at the center of this joint collaboration. It drives and inspires both the brand and the organization more that they made this advocacy in order to increase a steadfast help that is accessible, committed, and provides hope not just for the children but for their families as well. Moreover, the initiative also hopes to fuel a spark in your hearts to do the same– by helping these children in the littles way you can. How? By simply buying Dermaid products that have an attached neck tag with the logo of Save The Children Philippines.

The efforts you have made in supporting Lifestrong through Dermaid creates a ripple effect that not only provides for you and your family’s wellness but also of the children and their families’ well-being. They may not know you, but they will carry this smile wherever they go.

Your simple gesture brightens not just the hearts of your family and loved ones but also of the several Filipino children– who, somewhere in the country, are smiling from ear to ear with their hearts full of love and gratitude.